Take care of your latex and it will take care of you! 

- When getting dressed, remove sharp jewellery, watches etc, and beware of sharp nails!

- Ensure that the inside of the garment is generously sprinkled with talcum powder when getting dressed, or use a silicone based dressing aid.

- Wash in warm soapy water, and rinse with cold water. Hang the garment to dry, and turn inside out to dry after a short period of time.

- Do not soak latex garment for long periods of time.

- When storing the garment, dust lightly with talc, to prevent item sticking to itself.

- Keep it away from direct sunlight, and heat. It is best to keep the garment in a black plastic bag.

- Polish latex regularly with latex polish, applying it with a soft, damp and ‘fluff-free; cloth.

- Latex will deteriorate with exposure to direct sunlight, and heat.

- Polish latex after washing.

- DO NOT iron, dry clean, tumble dry latex.

- Oil and grease will damage latex. (Vaseline, baby oil etc.)

- Contact with copper, or items containing copper will stain light colours.

- Do not allow tanning lotions, perfumes, hair spray etc to come into contact with product.



Lacing Lilith offers a garment repair and alteration service from £20. Email with details of the repair or alteration and send us the item for a full quote.